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A lame excuse offered by a major television network after broadcasting nude images of a used singer.
Seeing Janet Jackson's Tits on National TV.
by MB February 02, 2004
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An incident in the 1970s on the popular game show "The Price is Right" in which a contestant named Yolanda Bowersley is called to Contestants Row and her tube top falls off, revealing her breasts.
Yolanda Bowersly, come on down! You're the first four con--OH MY GOODNESS, Yolanda's TOP CAME OFF!!!

Janet Jackson wasn't the first to experience a wardrobe malfunction.
by 1_WTC_Lock August 30, 2004
An accidental or supposedly accidental failure of clothing to cover parts of the body intended to be covered.

Primarily used for referring to the exposure of breasts/areolae, but also acceptable for genitals, buttocks or underwear.
Her dress caught on the door knob and ripped. The resulting wardrobe malfunction was much to the delight of the guests. I bet she wished she had worn a bra and underwear under her dress.
by Frankie Frog November 19, 2004
Term created by Justin Timberlake trying to be intelligent. He failed. Miserably.
"It was...*glances at cue card* a... wa... ar..... wardrobe mal.... malfunct.. wardrobe malfunction! Yeah! I can read!"
by Nezbit February 15, 2004
1. An excuse for uptight censors to impose "decency" on the public so they don't lose sponsors who push suggestive beer, car and lingirie ads on us.

2. An unintentionally funny explanation of VH1's future "most shocking TV moment." See also, "Soy Bomb."
Oh, no! A wardrobe malfunction! Let's call Mr. Coors and apologize for the indecency right away. Stern - you're fired!
by j-diddy April 30, 2004
When the hinges of the door of your garment storage device have rusted and it fails to open correctly.
I can't come in to work today, I have a wardrobe malfunction and can't get to my clothes. Honest.
by sp0rkius February 29, 2004
It appears that this word was coined in the US to refer to Janet Jackson's breast falling out. The UK version would be when Judy Finnegan's breast fell out at the BAFTAS
Why did American people make such a fuss about Janet Jackson's accident? When Judy Finnegan had a wardrobe malfunction, the Brits were just mildly amused.
by moomin21 August 23, 2004
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