A bucket used for waging warfare.
I'm gonna shoot you in the goddamn nuts with my warbucket.
by Geekiator June 06, 2003
Top Definition
You know those places where people come to talk, have fun, enjoy themselves and have serious discussions? Yeah? That's great, because I've never neen in one.

Warbucket is my penis in your ass with some german guys screaming "HEIL FUHRER!" in the background.
My wife joined Warbucket and killed herself with a sharp stick the day after. God I love Warbucket.
by The Hedgehog December 12, 2003
The scourge gathering site of the earth.

It's home to:
Perverts and insomniacs,
Pleasant necronphiliacs,
Americans, Canadians,
Arabs and Acadians,
Don't forget the Swedes and stuff,
For whom buttsekz is not enough,
It's the place where dreams come true
And the goatse man, he's after you.
Arrrr. Warbucket be a mighty fine place, If I do say so, myself.
by Bowman December 08, 2003
A collection of idiots who think that they are funny and clearly have way too much time on their hands.
by TBC April 22, 2003
A website, once heralded for its great comics. Now a refuge for the scum of the internet. A gathering ground of faggotry at its lowest. A bastion of internet tough guys. Nerds who want to talk politics, porn, games or other things. The scum reside in the forum section known as "today's mayhem", but are known to leak out into the other sections as well.

Any member number that goes into 5 digit numbers is considered a noobie, and will generally never find acceptance within the forum. In fact, anyone over 4000 is a noob in my book. The rot in the forum started around 2000.
Newbie: "Hi, im new here and i thought i would introduce myself."

Regular: " Go fuck yourself and die"
by Firestorm March 11, 2005
A successful dot com company that has managed to survive the burst of the IT bubble. Mr. Hope Scotch, CEO and spiritual leader, rules the company with an iron fist from his mansion in Quebéc. Last years profit exceeded 20 billion USD (about 10000 million billion CDN), and the stock is ever-rising.
I bought stocks in Warbucket dot com and became a millionaire.
by Trikk June 09, 2003
A website where many gather to exchange lewd and crude jokes, pornography, and to read the Warbucket Comics. The forums and IRC channel are full of strange, uninhibited people who are perfectly content to run about like ninnies and actually enjoy themselves.
warbucket is the scum of the internet. Every piece of shit ends up in Warbucket. There's no sense of morality or respect, only buttsekz.

i love you guys

by Goomflagalaga December 11, 2003
What is The Bucket? Control. The Bucket is a computer
generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to
change a human being into this:
<Geekiator> !seen straight_people_in_warbucket
<lolyx> Geekiator, I don't remember seeing straight_people_in_warbucket
by bob "im not telling you" bark0r December 03, 2003

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