1. A word used after a word or phrase that fails to entertain an individual or group.

2. Also used to describe a person with that is completely the opposite of being attractive.

3. Imitation of the sound used in cartoons as well as game shows.

Origin - Belleville Crew Team, Belleville, NJ
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. "Wamp"

Don't i look beautiful today? "Wamp"

by pRoxXii March 17, 2009
Top Definition
1. The act of touching one's elbowskin
2. A paraphilia for elbows in general.
"Can I wamp your elbowskin?"
by SLBNFS July 04, 2013
An exclamatory remark uttered at volume to express disapproval or to condemn.
-Meant to be a sound that simulates a game show's "wrong' buzzer.
-Origin credited to students of the Roost residence hall's 5th floor at the University of South Carolina.
"We could call those girls that were over here the other night..."
"The fat ones?? WAAAMP!!"

"Wamp that."

"that's a big wamp on that one chief"
by Bobby Murray February 18, 2008
Any unfortunate person with the affliction of Palmar Hyperhidrosis. This condition is often referred to as Dead Fish Handshake or "Servin' Up Week-old Lunchmeat".
A living legend of Norristown, PA, “Wamps” is a deliberately strange and very outspoken individual who began collecting nicknames as an adolescent. “Fish-Grease” makes himself a target for nicknames because of his poor style of dress, sinister laugh, foul body odor, twisted philosophy, and overall lack of righteousness. Despite his lower back tattoo, “Rat-Scrap” has managed to maintain several groups of friends, most of them being from high school and the rest from hanging out at local bars. For example, when “Patty-Cake” is posted up at Nippers he is known as “Creeper”. If he were to leave Nippers and walk up the street to Chapps, he would be greeted as “Waffles”. “Splish” pretends that the nickname-calling doesn’t bother him, but his evil sneer will show you that he’s irritated. When “Hagfish” gives daps to the people that know him, a firm handshake is out of the question because “Slimer” has palms that are constantly gooey. It is usual for most people to offer “Slick” a fist-pound, of which he will likely refuse because “Squirtchy” knows that pounds are blatantly disrespectful. His closest friends don’t risk touching his fishy hand and if anything, they will attempt to give “Snailer” a simple head-nod. Legend has it that his brain stem was replaced by a salamander membrane (similar to a gland) which keeps his hands sticky. “Gerbil” can also be spotted driving his Ron-Lobster which is a red Mazda that’s been converted to an amphibious underwater exploration vessel.
by john_raw February 22, 2011
Something said when someone says or does something really stupid, tries to make a joke that is stupid as well, or just does something really gay or weird that can make everything really awkward.
Example 1:

person 1 "we are sitting in suite 16, hahaha sweet 16!!"

person 2 "wamp"

Example 2:

person 1 "I love the song never gonna give you up by rick astley!!!!"

person 2 "wamp"
by theewammpper May 28, 2009
A mixture of wet and damp

I.e. more moist than damp, but not quite wet.

When stepping in a deep puddle the inside of your shoe becomes wamp.
"I just stood in a puddle!"
"Aw that sucks, I bet your shoes are wamp now"
by Klev August 23, 2013
A word meaning that is dumb. Commonly heard on cartoons in the sound of "wammp-wammmp"
-Insert stupid saying here- respondent says wamp
by skitlleswentworth April 01, 2009
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