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A sexual act, preformed during male/female sex; when the male is on top whilst the partners are facing eachother. The male then (optionaly puts pencils in his mouth to simulate tusks) begins to make walrus noises as he slaps the womans tits in a side to side motion.
dude, i was having the best sex ever, but she made me stoop after I began Walrusing her.
by Va-Jay March 08, 2011
To lay about and snuggle with friends (knuffelvrienden), like walruses on the beach.
Come over on Wednesday for movies and walrusing!
by Ziptie November 27, 2013
1) To walrus.

2) Making the sound of a walrus.
Walrus: "Chhk-chkk-chkk!"

Person 1: "What is that walrus doing with its tusks?"
Person 2: "It's walrusing, of course."
by Harumi Shizen January 29, 2011
The act of placing two pens, french fries or chopsticks in one's upper lip to mimic the appearance of walrus tusks.
Stop walrusing and eat your dinner.
by SeñorDiscount August 18, 2013
A sexual act, involving two walrus tusks, peanut butter, and a garden hose. There appears to be a demonstrated potential for vaginal implosion during this act.
Dude, me and your mom were walrusing so hard last night.
by walri April 21, 2010
(v.) - pounding two drinks of hard alcohol straight to the face (usually Jameson whiskey) at the same time, creating the illusion that you are a walrus with 2 walrus tusks

Walrusing typically leads to immediate sloppyness, belligerent behavior and rediculous antics until the "walruser" inevitably passes the fuck out.

Recently it has grew to be a tradition of certain subgroups within fraternities to require and/or highly encourage new members to participate in walrusing absurd amounts of hard liquor the night they join the group. Current members typically participate in walrusing as well, but not to the same extent as the new members.

Alternatively, "walrus" can be used in its verb form. (see example 2)
1. Theres so much fucking Jameson left! There's like 3 bottles that have to be finsished. It's time to take turns walrusing that shit...

2. You pussies haven't drank hardly anything, step up and pound this Jameson. You better walrus that shit until it's gone!!!
by Wack Adams May 11, 2009