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To lay about and snuggle with friends (knuffelvrienden), like walruses on the beach.
Come over on Wednesday for movies and walrusing!
by Ziptie November 27, 2013
When performing oral sex on two penises at the same time, so it looks similar to when placing chopsticks in the mouth to emulate the appearance of a walrus.
I thought it would be weird when Sue started Walrusing Ben and me. It wasn't.
by Captain Hotpants March 03, 2015
1) To walrus.

2) Making the sound of a walrus.
Walrus: "Chhk-chkk-chkk!"

Person 1: "What is that walrus doing with its tusks?"
Person 2: "It's walrusing, of course."
by Harumi Shizen January 29, 2011
When you are smoking a hookah and use both hoses at the same time. This allowed you to take in more smoke, get a better buzz, and looks like you have walrus tusks.
1. Dude pass me one of the hoses, stop walrusing the whole time.

2. Shit my buzz is going away, hey pass me the hoses so I can walrus it.
by Greg1996sk December 05, 2014
The act of placing two pens, french fries or chopsticks in one's upper lip to mimic the appearance of walrus tusks.
Stop walrusing and eat your dinner.
by SeñorDiscount August 18, 2013
When you proceed to vape with 2 mods and blow fat clouds 😙☁️☁️☁️☁️
Dude did you see, Steven was just walrusing those sweet mods.
by TheFantumMenice November 09, 2014
A sexual act, involving two walrus tusks, peanut butter, and a garden hose. There appears to be a demonstrated potential for vaginal implosion during this act.
Dude, me and your mom were walrusing so hard last night.
by walri April 21, 2010
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