A term for gay men who maintains status quo/normal lifestyle as opposed to a flamboyant/gay lifestyle.
Hugo, my college roommate and wallet, now works in best buy.
by Philip Horton August 29, 2007
Top Definition
What a gold digger looks for, a sugar daddy. The bigger the better and richer.

Slang for rich person supporting their object of affection.
Yah... I know I'm just a wallet for my gold digging whore, but she's damn good in bed so I'll keep her around for now.
by Eddy August 18, 2007
A slang word for a woman in a financially dominating position in a man's life.
Let me have a chat with my wallet tonight and see what she says, then i should be able to buy it !
by nmk_427 August 11, 2009
Slut, refering too a leathery vagina that takes a lot of dicks instead of many bills
Ryan: Yo look at that dumbass wallet!
Trevor: Yo dude, she's fatter than my wallet!
Ryan: What a cock wallet.
by AdamFranklin January 17, 2010
a nice wet juicy vagina, usualy right before sex, that is throbbing for nice hard cock
Stick that long hard cock in my wallet baby!
by pussyfucker November 05, 2005
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