I've never quite understood why the English think that all welsh people are 'sheep shaggers'. The most densly populated areas in wales (Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, and the rest of south wales) take the piss out of the other, 'sheep-shagging' areas of wales, just as much as the English do. However, it is just a JOKE! I think I can quite safely assume that no one in wales shags sheep (Unless they're into beastiality) lol :P

And as for all that crap about English/ Welsh rivalry in sport: It's just a fuckin' game! At the end of the day, being welsh, i'm bound to support wales; Ireland and scotland respectively, coz the smaller countries in the UK are bound to 'gang up' against the largest country.

But I mean, a lot've my relatives have moved to England; I have a house in Devon and spend a lot've time there. The only difference between me, and the English, as far as I'm concerned, is the accent. And as for all the rubbish that's been said about cardiff (and the violence that's been associated with it); all towns/cities have rough areas. However, we (the welsh), despise the minority of welsh people, who give this stunning and inviting country, the reputation of one that is full of aggressive; violent, 'hooligans'. (Especially considering the fact that it is the English football team, millwall, not cardiff city, who are renowned for having the most violent fan club!)

Anyway, despite all my rambling, my main point is that wales, (especially south wales), is no different to England, and I can't understand why we are stereotyped as being 'sheep shaggers'. We have the most amazing countryside; (My university is situated right next to the Gower, which has been officially designated as an 'area of outstanding natural beauty'). And even though the welsh language is undeniably 'useless' abroad, it is a fuckin' awsum language to be given the opportunity to learn. Wales, despite being small, is a country full of talent and natural beauty and I think it is impossible for anyone to argue otherwise. That is why I get so annoyed at foreigners (the Americans in particular); calling the UK 'England' and not Great Britain. Because, I belive that the UK (all four members included) is a great country. And I think it's fair to assume that we are all united in our pride and patriotism at being British. We all know that bigger is not necessarily better (the USA probably the best example of that :P lol). Despite being small, we are a fuckin GREAT country and as far as I'm concerned we should stick our fingers up to anyone who trys to tell us otherwise :)! Luv all u Brits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain
by Welsh_gal 1988 November 12, 2006
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A place of ancient Celtic culture that was flourishing long before the English even existed. Much of the culture is long lost but there is wealth of mystery, richness, beauty and fame connected to Wales that most people have no idea about.
To look beyond the sheep jokes, daffodils and rugby and it is important to recognise it was one of the first literary cultures on Earth. Celtic way of life was overflowing with poetry and great legends some little known and some world famous and more often than not, very wrongly, attributed these days to England.
They lived, on the whole peacefully, believing in nature, song, literature, dance... basically life just being fun. It was actually one of the first nations where women were treated in many ways equally to men! They even lived at peace with the Romans after the Roman invasion into Britain developing a sophisticated, ahead of its time nation!
Unfortunately the English (at that point Normans, Germans, French) i.e. the Anglo Saxons came to Britain and ruined most of it.

Wales has so much to be remembered for, namely some of the greatest legends, such as that of King Arthur and his round table which yes, was Celtic (WELSH) legend - though it is thought much of the legends are based on true figures. Though nowadays people tend to think King Arthur was English when what he did was in fact fight the Anglo-Saxons, he was in fact half-Celtic, half Roman.
Wales has many other great stories, A welsh Indian tribe existed in America long before Columbus ever arrived, thus proving that the Welsh were in fact the first to sail to America. In fact on the American declaration of independance 13 of the 17 signatures are signed by Welsh men, and America was very nearly going to be a Welsh speaking country!
A land with stories of great people, Owain Glynd, Aneurin Bevan, Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas, David lloyd George, JPR Williams!, Roald Dahl... the list is endless...Many great singers, actors, artists and writers have come from the small country of Wales (can't forget Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Anthony Hopkins for modern legends, even Kylie who is half Welsh!)
Not to forget it is a country of great beauty, much of the countryside breathtaking but unseen by many.
It is a nation, of what i have seen, (and that is much!), of polite, kind, talented people. This is of course a generalisation but i do not know how Cardiff can be accused of being violent fans when England are world-renowned for the behaviour of their football fans!!
There is a national Eisteddfod each year bringing together talent from all over Wales, yet the contest is not publicised or known to many outside Wales... a great shame.
I could go on and on, Wales is far too over stereotyped and it is by people that have no idea about the truth at the core of this remarkable country.
WALES rules so do not knock it until you have been there (preferably further than the South East) and KNOW about its history!
by girl50 March 16, 2006
We gave you coal during the age of Steam.
We give you lamb (Which we thoughtfully leave unmolested, contrary to popular but increasingly tired belief)
We created the legend of King Arthur, only for you to take it and pass it off as your own creation.
We were living here and speaking our language when you were still somewhere in Scandinavia.
We were one of the first people to put poetry and music together.

So please, if you're going to disrespect us, do it properly.

Surely the country that gave the World the likes of Shakespeare, can muster up a more scathing attack than ones involving common farmyard animals?

The very fact that the Welsh are, for the most part, respected in other countries where the English are not - In my mind speaks volumes.
Englishman: HAHA Sheepshagger Walesman!
by THR June 19, 2006
pronounced Wahl-Ay not whale.
Ambassador of rap for the Capitol (Washington, D.C.)
The dopest rapper ever to live. Infuses Go-Go and Hip-Hop. Reps the DMV hard.
"Allow me/ To introduce me/ My name Wale, don't say Wall-E"

"District of Columbia/ I'm tripplin my money up/ If you ain't talkin dollars then I don't see where you comin from..."

"Receive love from VA to LA/ Them Cali girls feelin me they wanna hear that DC!"

by DMV Resider February 20, 2009
a country next to england that often gets forgotten.
and when it is remembered people living there are called 'sheepshaggers'.
just thought i remind people that we do have our own language. and wales is very different england.
national anthem of wales

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi,
Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;
Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mâd,
Tros ryddid gollasant eu gwaed.

Gwlad, Gwlad, pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad.
Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau,
O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau.
by ...hana... June 10, 2006
Country to the west of England that English people often forget exists.
Wales rhymes with whales.
by PancakeFeatures July 29, 2006
A country with some of the best pubs in the World. Don't pick a fight in Wales because they will knock your teeth out.
Wales rocks.
No one shags sheep and not everyone is called Gwenyth.
Visit Wales!
Welsh man: Punches man in face.
by urinal_cake May 22, 2005
Country to the west of england, Very proud and has THE best accent in the world
Be welsh or be a wanker
by Welshwonder January 06, 2005
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