a person that has no friends but thinks he does and just creeps out the people he thinks he's friends with.
Quick move his backpack. The wagner is coming, and we don't want him to sit here. Hurry up move it he's getting his lunch. Ooh what a surprise anothe bagel.
by fefehe November 09, 2008
A short douche bag with a napoleon complex who feels that he can do whatever the fuck he wants when in reality no one like him A.K.A an asshole
Hunter is such a wagner! he acts all high and mighty with his retarded ram charger, hes probly too short to even get up in the car let alone reach the pedals!
by sincerely truthful April 23, 2006
"Wagner" is very diverse, dynamic, and otherwise highly multifarious word.
The term "Wagner" is commonly used as a synonym for the common swear words (shit, piss, fuck, ass, ect.), racially discriminatory words, a foul adjective (shitty, crappy ect.), and its fun to use it as a word to yell when you're pissed off...can be quite....relieving.
* "WHAT THE WAGNER!!?!?" - what the fuck!!?!?!?
* "that piece of wagner..." - that piece of shit,,,
* "you wagner!" - you asshole
* "your wagner is in my face..." - your ass is in my face...
by Zachary W. March 22, 2006
Being so mentally and physically retarted that one drools in one's own drool.

Can be used as a noun, verb, pronoun, adverb, adjective, punctuation, whatever.
Basic replacement for common swearwords, insults, or any discrimitive word in the English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Ugeslavian, and Russian language.

See dick, dickhead, dickface, ass, asshole, cunt, bitch, fuck, fucker, fuckface.
Wagner is such a Wagner i want to punch him in the WAGNER!!!
by Wags Wagner March 19, 2006
A really homosexual bloodline
Those guys ofverthere could be the wagners they are so gay
by Gladwrap July 09, 2016
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