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Old Fogies of Doom. Fogies, which are old, who play Doom.

A clan of older Doom players who tend shun the younger crowd for their inability to act like human beings.

Founded in June of 2002.
Wow! OFoD Suxors!! LOLWTF?!
by Jippy January 04, 2004
1.completey erectifying ones damnation towards hell due to an extreme vowed act of brown-nosing.
2.Oten envolving instances more similar to that of a french kiss on the anal rectum of;
a.your employer's and;
b.fellow collegeas alike
3. Usually a person whom as 'so to speak' has "made it to the top" due to past ramifactions regarding anal probing
"Hey Dad, why did Timmy's Dad get so rich?--Well son, Timmy's Dad pulled a wagner to get to the top!"
by Jippy July 21, 2004

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