A blonde jew trying to be a nazi, typically referring to the short MOTHER FUCKER THAT EATS SHIT THINKING IT HAS VITAMINS IN IT. A Wagner, such as Brett Joseph Wagner, is the largest of Wagners, feeling the need to ruin everyone's day at the sight of him in Britany's car every morning. Speaking to him is like trying to talk to a retarded dolphin, it's just not gonna happen.
Brett: Man guess what happened to me last weekend?

Me: What?

Brett: I lost my virginity to a passed out walrus!

Me: You are such a Wagner. B-R!!!
by Mattyofthe925 February 10, 2009
a person or thing that constantly expels annoying music or bad jokes
On the elevator up to the 50th floor i rode the whole way with a wagner! I wanted to put one of us out of our misery
by kec127 April 24, 2008
This Is Jesus, SHE controls your life. She is the voice in your head telling you to do those very odd things. There is no escape.
Wagner: You, yes you, you should have sex, get a baby, have a low end job, all under the age of sixteen. You won't, your not worthy enough.
by Skysolo June 23, 2009
To vomit profusely while simultaneously farting uncontrollably.
Yeah, he got hammered off of Captain and started wagnering by the tree.
by summerofgeorge December 23, 2006
another name for someone who is a total jerk.
isabel you're such a wagner
by asdfghtrewq March 03, 2010
Someone who makes plan well in advance, and either calls at the last minute to cancel or does not call at all.
Justin and I were supposed to go to the movies but he ended up wagnering me.
by Neibs December 23, 2008

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