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Wafflenuts are the small bits of poo that men (and some women!) get stuck on the end of their arsehole hairs. Often caused by lacklustre wiping of the bumcrack.
Well, Jim, I'm afraid you have such an advanced case of wafflenuts that incineration of the anal beard is the only viable option.
by Pikeyfromstaines April 24, 2005
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A hybrid between the American pastry and the European (Belgian) breakfast staple. It can come glazed, sprinkled, riddled with berries and any other way you have basically seen a doughnut or waffle come (creme filled is still debatable). Difference is, its not crunchy like a waffle. Nor does the structural integrity give out around the bite site after the second chomp like a doughnut does. It drops panties and slays dragons too! (some panties may require a side of bacon before dropping)
A: Dafuq!?. . . .dude its a glazed puffy waffle doughnut thing!!
B: Nah! Things don't come puffy, perforated & that good looking!
A: Well there is your sister
C: Care to try our newest "Americanized" pastry the Wafflenut today?
by WalnutOfDOOM August 19, 2014

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