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What's your point? - used when you don't actually care what the other person is saying.
Anne: Lily, I'm booored.
Lily: WYP?
Anne: Entertain me.
by A Fanfic Lover December 16, 2010
literally- With Your Penis. used at the end of a sentence to relieve stress and insert humor into an otherwise tense situation.
stop fucking around and go take out the trash wyp.
by phantomlady84 March 04, 2011
why you playin' as in why are you playing? you know it's true; you know it's obvious; duh
"yeah he's an asshole, but I would still fuck him wyp"
by jtbrg January 06, 2015
Wee your pants. When you laugh so much you feel like you may wee yourself. You have to say.. WYP moment so that it becomes a 'wee your pants moment'
On the floor laughing or laughing so much you cry and you feel like you're gunna wee yourself you say... that was a WYP moment!!
by Geey-x June 02, 2007

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