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An acronym meaning What Would Oscar (Wilde) Do. It is an enhancement of WWJD, used to make difficult descisions.
Daisy: Where are we sleeping on Saturday night?
Laura: I don't know.
Daisy: Well, WWOD?
Laura *after fumbling through her pocket-sized Oscar Wilde quotations book*: We are going to be in the gutter, looking at the stars...
by NH3 February 25, 2008
An ancroynm for "What would Obama do". In any situation where you don't know what to do, you think WWOD. This originated from Kristen on Friday Night Cranks.
"Should I ruin her reputation, or just be nice?"
by davidmt1 May 09, 2009

Amanda: I just found out i have herepes should i tell my boyfriend?!?!?

Katie: Oh Jee idk WWOD?
by intoxaKATEd September 28, 2010
What Would Ozzy (Osbourne) Do?
This is a question you should be asking yourselves every day. WWOD?
by thecheshirekat April 06, 2010
An acronym for What Would Oakley Do? in reference to legendary New York Knicks power forward and owner of several car washes Charles Oakley
A friend never paid me back that $11 I lent him last week. I wonder, WWOD? He'd probably pop that sucker in the face just like he did when Tyrone Hill owed him that money from a card game.
by No. 34 March 16, 2010
An ancroynm for "What would Oracle do". In a web design/database situation where you don't know what to do, you think WWOD? This originated from Sun Engineers during the Oracle buyout of Sun Microsystems.
"Should we put Promotion Codes on the shopping cart page or...?"

by xfile October 16, 2009
acronym for What Would Obama Do?
Inspired by the new president-elect Barack Obama, this is used as a reminder to take the high road and make the right choice.
"Look at those rednecks and their pickup broke down on the side of the road! They won't get help for hours out here in the middle of nowhere, haha!"
"Hey, man, that's not cool. W.W.O.D.?"
"You're right, I should stop and give them a hand."
by DoTheRighThing November 21, 2008
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