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"What would Jeremy Clarkson do?"

It would usually involve a hammer and/or screaming "POWERRRRRRR" while flooring the gas pedal.
Man 1: "This problem is just impossible."
Man 2: "Think, man, think! WWJCD?"
(20 minutes later...)
by NotCaptainSlow May 02, 2013
What would Jackie Chan do.
Those kids are being harsh.
I wonder WWJCD?
by hickorydickory October 28, 2006
abbreviation "What Would Johnny Cash Do?"
by Eeyore13 April 04, 2003
Abbreveation for «What would Jack and Chrissy do?» This was mentioned in an episode of Friends by Chandler when a misunderstanding led to a comical situation, which happened in almost every episode of Three's Company back in the '70.
Chandler: «WWJCD?»
by tvgeek January 17, 2012
What Would John Connor Do?
wtf, theres a t-600 outside the house! Let's think! WWJCD?
by skilles June 10, 2009

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