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5 definitions by hickorydickory

What would Jackie Chan do.
Those kids are being harsh.
I wonder WWJCD?
by hickorydickory October 28, 2006
1.A coloquial phrase used to describe a type of wedgie, ripping from the chest to the back.

2.A gay associate, see pye.
1. If you don't shut up your going to recieve the mother of all chester baxter.

2. Chester, get your hand of pyes crotch.

chester backster
by hickorydickory October 02, 2006
The reggae fontastic
Woah! That dude was like Mr Bombastic.
by hickorydickory October 05, 2006
In south england, a profoundly homersexual male.
man that dude is soo pye with those pink shoes.
by hickorydickory September 30, 2006
the biggest joint ever rolled an will utilise at least 14 skins.
i like too one hit off that fattybombalatty and passed out!
by hickorydickory October 05, 2006