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new york word for air force ones
yo son i gots to get me a pair of crispy uptowns these i have are fucked up
by rudy February 04, 2005
to have someone or some thing on locked down like you own them or are better than it
1. to son Kobe only score 12 points last night Lebron James had that nigga on smash the whole night. 2. yo tia has this nigga greg on smash, he do what ever she tells him to do. 3. yo im getting an A on that class i got that class on smash
by rudy February 04, 2005
rude boy/girl/person who listens to ska music and/or participates in the act of skanking.
gordon mcrae is a fuckin skankster
by rudy October 31, 2003
Putio, a word that originated from puto and in the spanish language more so in the castellano side. Definition: A man-whore, a male homosexual. Slang, term can describe cowardice, a name u talk about someone like "that pussy...", or just a word to insult a gringo cuz he doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about. Female form; see Puta
that putio is looking at my hyna
by rudy December 16, 2004
To take what is normal and easy and do the opposite
by Rudy September 24, 2003
new yorks word to describe your hair cut, hair do,your way of style, your sneakers or shirt
1.yo those are some crispy ass braids on that nigga. 2. yo steve harveys shape up madd crispy. 3. yo loon got a crisy ass goatee. 4. yo that niggas p. diddy is a cripy ass niggs. 5. yo i new to get me a pair of crispy ass air force ones and a crispy ass white tee
by rudy February 04, 2005
has two meanings in new york. 1. means to cum. 2. in basketball a player that never passes the ball
1. yo im just trying to hit that and get my nut off. 2. yo son that nigga Kobe a fucking nut that nigga acts like if he aint got no teamates
by rudy February 04, 2005
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