want to have sex
guys usually say or text it to be discreet like around family
girl:yeah in my room
by inspiron720 August 02, 2010
Internet acronym for "What the hell."
Person 1: I just went to the bathroom!
Person 2: WTH
by AnotherAirhead June 19, 2009
What the hell

Used when someone doesn't want to say 'what the fuck' aka WTF
Omg hes cheating on me? WTH.
by Graham H8er July 08, 2016
what the heck sucker!
person 1: 'do you know what the score is?'

person 2: 'idk'

person 1: 'WTHS!'
by heh heh DEAD March 13, 2010
What The Heck
seeing something that surprise you or confused
W.T.H. was dat
why u say dat for
dat pic u have there
by Duwell April 26, 2008
why the hell the ? makes it diff from wth= what the hell
wth? woldi do that crazy bitch
by theblackmann August 15, 2008
can also mean "who the hell"
"wth are you?"
"wth told you you can do that?"
by Dick April 30, 2004
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