Can also mean "when the hell".
WTH did that happen?
by TooCrooked July 21, 2003
want to hire, sometimes used in online games
WTH engineer for building implants
by Jeestuu September 26, 2007
White Trash Hippie: One who who has no shame about their large consumption of cheap beer at a festival, while all the time remaining peaceful and "right on" brother, but strangely detached from the entire set of shananigans.
"Well, I don't really want to go to (insert hippie fest here)."
"You should totally come I got 4, 30 packs of Shlitz, a bunch of shitty grass and we're totally gonna walk around like a bunch of white trash hippies (WTH)."
by Stevesie April 16, 2007
Abbreviation for 'WHAT THE HECK'
1. "WTH is going on!?!?"
2. "WTH was that!?"
by maurin August 21, 2005
Short for "What the hell." Used by pussies who don't want to say "What the fuck."
Dude: Hey
Other Dude: WTH are you doing here?
Dude: WTF is wrong with you?
by little geek December 09, 2005
Where the heck !
Why the heck !
boy A: Wth you went?
boy B: Wth you wanna know?
by spear September 24, 2004
Welcome to Halo...

Generally used in a derogatry manner, to indicate that a player's complaint about an unfair aspect of the game is playing a game in which this sort of thing is par for the course.
N00b: OMG, did you see that? I just stabbed him in the back and he assassinated me! He assassinated me in the face! What's with that?

Experienced and Seasoned Haloer: WTH. Welcome to Halo.
by MaddenedMan November 18, 2007

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