Short for Wipe the Floor but people normally think it means "What the fuck?".
Person 1: OMG A DUCK!
Person 2: WTf?
Person 1: Do you need a mop?
Person 2: WTF?
Person 1: Or a Cloth?

Person 2 signed off at 4:15pm.
by HelloImNice February 29, 2008
The new name for a small slushie at Mac’s Convenience stores.
"Lets go to Mac's and get a WTF slushie!"
by SnackMan May 22, 2007
What everyone on this site has said it is. However, when asked by an authority figure who has little appreciation for swearing, the correct expansion of this acronym is "Welcome to Finland."
Kid: WTF is with this bad grade?
Teacher: What does "wtf" mean?
Kid: Er...welcome to finland
by Stand_Ablaze December 20, 2005
wtf usally stands for "what fuck" but it cna also be used for the 5 w's why/where/when/who/what the fuck
Girl=="Im going up to the mall-izzle"
friend=="WTF is your problem"
by Kris-Kris June 10, 2005
WHERE'S THE FOOD? Something a male says to his mother,girlfriend or sister when he's really hungry and feels like being an asshole for fun and demands what he wants.
boyfriend: come on bitch! I've been waiting five fucking minutes and my sandwich still isn't done! WTF?

girlfriend: if your gonna cuss at me come make your own damn sandwich you piece of shit!
by firecrackergurl January 06, 2012
What The Freak- a censored alternative to the explative What the fuck version.
Dude I need $80!

W.T.F. do you need it for?!
by Merlin C. June 01, 2011
wtf stands for Where's the Fudge?

Sources: I asked my Grandma what wtf was because someone said that to me on msn and she kindly replied "Wheres the Fudge?"
Grandma wtf? Are you hiding it again? I hope its not mouldy
by GrandmasBoy123 March 19, 2011

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