what the fish
omg what the fish, what the fish mann, WTF
by jungle poo April 28, 2012
WTF, Welcome to Facebook.....
WTF, What the F**k.....

^^^ either mean the same
Someone you hate just joined Facebook and you say, what the f**k (wtf) on their wall. Their new so they will ask what it means, Welcome to Facebook (wtf).
by Abbeyy June 29, 2011
Means what the fuck.
Other ways WTF is used is by changing the a
To another word.
Most commonly one of the other 5 w's:
Who, what, when, where, and why.
With WTF you can also change endings.
Examples: what the beans
what the shit
Dudeman 1: WTF (what the fuck) is up with yo mamma beyach!
Dudeet 2: Wtf (why the fuck) yo always be given my mom fly homie!?!
1:lets fight yo sissy gurl!
2: WTF (when the fuck) yo wann do this mutha fuckaaaa!?!
by Wtfiswrongwithyomamma July 10, 2009
wtf stands for WHAT THE FUCK.


(car falsl outta the sky) WTF??? 0_o
by im a <*)))>< June 08, 2009
1. stands for 'what the fuck'
2. usually used in a question, but not always
3. mostly used in written form, but can also be verbally said
4. sounds funny... especially when you add 'mate' to the end
wtf mate?

She comes up to me and slaps me and i'm all wtf...?

In text (or not): wtf is wrong with you?
by shortaaay May 11, 2008
An acronym most commonly standing for "What the Fuck". Use of "wtf" is generally more acceptable to use in places of business, where the complete phrase "what the fuck" could cost one their job.
wtf can also be used with the words "where, who, when, why".
(What) wtf is she thinking?!
(Where) wtf did he go?!
(Who) wtf do they think they are?!
(When) wtf will we get paid?!
(Why) wtf would anyone do that?!
by kaf1998mhs April 13, 2008
WTF means "What the Fuck".
Mostly used as a question.
WTF (What the fuck) is that?
by xstam February 07, 2008

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