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IM abbreviation for "what-so-ever".
-"U no the answer 2 #21 on the HW?"
-"No idea WSE"
by Sid Barrett September 23, 2008
abbreviation for worst selfie ever
wake up selfie #wse
your hair looks terrible in that pic #wse
by ruben20592 June 23, 2014
Worst Shag Ever
Shagged this girl called Claire yesterday - WSE!

Nailed a bird at the weekend, WSE!
by Captain Bertie September 23, 2011
What So Ever
Friend: What about her? Do you like her?
Me: Ummmm, no! I don't like her wse!😐
via giphy
by Snickerss July 06, 2016
With someone else
"Hey are you going to prom with drake"?

"No, I'm going wse now".
by datboyz March 04, 2015
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