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"Write Shit Down". A popular method of organization. Works equally well in one's personal or professional life.
Dude, you don't need ritalin. Just use the WSD method - trust me, you won't forget things anymore and you'll actually get them done!
by Broman in NY July 27, 2007
Work, shower, drink. The alternative for those who do not GTL (Gym. Tan. Laundry.) because partying is better.
All I do in the summer is WSD.
by Sec. of Transportation September 14, 2010
"Will Suck Dick"
Expressing particular want for something that someone else can get for you
WSD for a large fry and coke
by Gabriel F March 25, 2008
White She Devil
A famous despo very well known in Soulseek, she was an user of The Porn Room among others asking for attention almost 24/7.
Suddenly she vanished to appear a year later telling she was going to marry a soulseek m8.
She was the kind of girl all male despos were looking for.
Sometimes being an attentionwhore can do the job.
dude 1 Where is WSD?
dude 2 might be on siber wif crackalack.
Dude 1 lmao she's such a despo, she was begging me on MSN
dude 2 u 2?
by teahead February 26, 2008
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