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"With No Pants On"

A Facebook Coinage started by a Providence, RI man, many people believe that this is how most judges come to their verdicts. It cannot be proven, nor questioned without one becoming in contempt of court, so it is often overlooked and seen as commonplace. It is, in fact, the norm.
"Sir, I find you guilty on all counts. And yes, I have done so WNPO."
by Watching Eyes June 04, 2009
WNPO=With No Pants On. A fast growing movement on Facebook whose motto is "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing with no pants on!"

2: A way to describe how you get things done.

3: An accurate description of how you spent your weekend.
Ed:e: I'm working my ass off today...WNPO!

Me: Heh heh heh, I'm just drinking coffee...with no pants on!
by stunrzsis June 03, 2009

1. A way to work out one's problems with the least amount of inner conflict.

2. A prepositional phrase used to describe a lifestyle led by many New Englanders.

3. A recommended form of mediation commonly used by therapists when two or more parties appear to be taking themselves too seriously.
1. "I thought extensively about my problems WNPO, and came to the conclusion that I was overreacting."

2. "We like to take it easy WNPO."

3. "I see that you two cannot come to some form of an agreement," said the counselor, "so perhaps you should go WNPO for awhile and see if you can work things out."
by MagnusPie June 05, 2009
"With No Pants On"

Pronounced "Win / PO"

1. A prepositional phrase most commonly used at the end of a sentence, identifying a lifestyle in which participants opt out of wearing clothing for their nether-region.

2. A blissful state of mind which has an added benefit of allowing a person to not take themselves too seriously.

3. An acronym used to describe the behavior of some judges who find pleasure in wearing minimal clothing during court proceedings. This behavior, viewed as pathological in the medical community, is referred to as "Wnpotis."

Originated in Providence, RI, WNPO has been sweeping the nation. It began as a cult following. Only WNPO underground, people found that this idea was more of a state of mind, and matriculated that state of mind into a lifestyle. The word spread quickly, and soon even Supreme Court Justices followed suit.

Many of these high-level executives wanted a "one-up" on people, simply in knowing that they secretly had no pants on. The movement itself is about embracing that which is not worn. It is encouraged, for the true believer, to announce at the end of EVERY SENTENCE that they, in fact, are WNPO. If the person has truly embraced the lifestyle, the pants themselves are a moot point. Of course, there will be situations where people need to cover up, but for those "WinPO's", it doesn't matter. They are always With No Pants On.
1. "We were in the Kitchen, after hours, just hanging around, WNPO."

2. "Sometimes life can be very difficult, so I really try to take each day with a fresh perspective and look at life more clearly WNPO."

3. "The judge was definately harsh, but you could tell that he had Wnpotis, because he kept giggling under his breath as he gave the verdict."
by MagnusPie June 06, 2009
WNPO is the abbreviation for the phrase "would not pull out." It is used to describe a woman who is so attractive that you are willing to make a potential 18 year investment.
What do you think of Nicki Minaj?
WNPO, bruh. WNPO.
by NBT90 March 28, 2016

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