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Short for Welcome, as "you're welcome". Commonly used in internet chat, but any sort of instant text messaging applies.
Me: Thank you for <Instert Favor>
Some guy on the internet: WLC! :-D
by crv93 July 18, 2010
Winning Like Charlie Sheen
Me: See all these bitches on my dick? I'm WLCS.
Friend: What the fuck is WLCS?
Me: Winning like Charlie Sheen. ;)
by sicembears10101 April 13, 2011
An internet gaming clan (White Lightning Clan). They support many online games and compete as well.
For more about WLC...(See
by Nitro7 May 29, 2007
a group of kids that wear tight pants, do drugs and skate in eastchester. they are the biggest group of pussies on the face of the planet. if you are ever in eastchester and you see a kid with pants that choke his balls, he is in WLC. WLC stands for Wood Land Creatures. thats how gay these kids are.
that kid is so gay that he is probobly in WLC
by h8 2 sk8 June 21, 2005
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