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Short for Welcome, as "you're welcome". Commonly used in internet chat, but any sort of instant text messaging applies.
Me: Thank you for <Instert Favor>
Some guy on the internet: WLC! :-D
#welcome #you're welcome #no problem #anytime #absolutely
by crv93 July 18, 2010
brb doesn't just mean "be right back". That is a lie. When a woman tells you brb over chat (JUST brb, nothing else) that means she doesn't want to talk to you anymore. If she says something like "brb for 5 minutes my mom is having a heart attack" then MAYBE, just MAYBE, you can try to believe she genuinely has to get off the chat. Watch out for this guys, if a girl texts you this, you're probably wasting your time. The best solution to brb is to LET IT GO.
Me: So, I really had fun last night, we should totally do it again, don't you think? How does tomorrow night sound to you? ;)
Girl: (Another day with this douche bag? fuck that!!) brb
Me: Um...okay. :) (Damnit, I fucked it up again! This is the third this month!)
#bye #byebye #i don't wanna talk to you #leave me alone #fuck off
by crv93 September 18, 2010
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