v. The act of masturbating by males
Stop whoopin off you nasty 14 year old
by Savage10386 May 17, 2005
Top Definition
Term used mostly by black people describing what happens to kids when they get into trouble. A whoopin can be given with anything your mama picks up. (belt, switch, hair brush, fly swatter, etc.) Also, years ago in black neighborhoods, you could get your ass whooped by any adult on your street who saw you doing something bad. Also, alot of older black folks firmly believe in whoopin kids' asses.
Kid #1: Hey Jaquan let's go flatten Ms. Peaches' tires!
Jaquan: Naw man cause I sho' dont want another whoopin today.
by Ms. Chocolate October 10, 2006
1. It is short slang for getting a whipping.

2. It means that someone is about to get beat down,annihilated, torn up, have their ass handed to them on a silver platter, taken to the woodshed, spanked, whipped, they are gunna get a lickin', have their hide tanned, get switched, their in for a hurtin', etc..
EX: Momma told me if I did that again she'd gimme a whoopin' that I'd never forget! Then she said she'd slap me so hard that my kids would be dizzy. I ain't messen witt dat candy dish noooooooooo more!
by IrishDaddy2U April 17, 2010
To Whoop, To Hang, To Droop
A Tree Is Whooping under the Pressure of the snow.
by Kirsten March 04, 2004
Anything your mom hits you with (belt,shoe,paddle,notebook,ect.)
Moms and dads do it because they love us.
Sister #1:Dad i did a report on whoopins.
Dad :want a whoopin they are always free 24/7

Anything you get hit with
by Likeaboss122804 February 01, 2016

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