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short slang for "Who Gives A F***"
Person 1: Whats up bro, i heard that they're gonna stop selling snacks near the stadium.

Person 2: yeah i know but WGF we'll just get our own snacks
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by Brace Liife September 21, 2010
WGF, otherwise known as White Girl Fetish, is defined as sexual attraction, specifically for white women, by non-white men. This fixation is based less on aesthetic appearance, but largely on race, culture, and the intrinsic value misappropriated upon the subject given the individual's personal insecurities. For example, with respect to black men, nailing a white girl could mean that he owns that bitch, and, in turn, this means he is sticking it to the white man.

WGF often appears in two forms: sometimes, the subject embraces the culture of the individual. These women are often chastised by their female counterparts -- an activity that further underscores the underlying racism that still exists so prominently in the underbelly of America. An increasingly more common phenomenon has been for the individual to shed the cultural norms and perceptions of their own culture to "embrace" the white culture. Such individuals suffer extreme levels of arousal simply based on how "white" a girl appears -- "white" here being defined as by her appearance how likely it is that the subject would only sleep with a white guy.

WGF is somewhat similar to Asian Girl Fetish, except that the stimuli is white women as opposed to asian women and the relative attractiveness of the white women is often gauged by how likely they are not to sleep with the subject.
Ramakrishnan: Hey, check out that girl with the ribbon belt and the pearl necklace!

Anish: Dude, she's not even attractive! Your WGF is out of hand! You need to get back to your roots and check out that hottie Indian girl in the corner.
#wgf #white girl fetish #asian girl fetish #white person fetish #fetish #white people #black #indian #asian
by Nair May 11, 2007
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