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Worst Guy Ever or Worst Girl Ever.
I can't believe Jane participated in a 6 person orgy 15 minutes after accepting your marraige proposal. WGE.
by Dan Sharfin December 28, 2005
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Acronym for: Worst Game Ever.
When gaming online and you get slaughterered and you feel it may be the worst game you've ever played.
Pronounced: WIGGY
Swanny: That was awesome, I went 24 and O. Did you see me knife Sharpe in the back and then Teafrag him? He was like 15 of my 24 kills!
Julius Jr.: Damn Sharpe, 0 and 19! What happened?
Sharpe: WGE!
by Joe Bough March 04, 2008
Joey:Hey George, did you see those new screens of Big Rigs?
George:Ya pal, WGE!
by James Swollonballs April 19, 2007

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