To pull a swanny is too bullshit. On hearing a high calibre, truly vivid, absolutley false statement; the recipient of the utter bullshit should cry out 'SWANNY'
Example 1
Person 1: Did you know that the only food astronaughts can eat is garlic sauce because thats all your body can digest in space?
Person 2: SWANNY!!!!
Example 2
Person 3: I was actually the guy who pronounced Ghandi was dead.
Person 4: ...right mate


Person 5: What that guy say to you?
Person 4: He was pullin some serious capital swannies mate
Person 4+5+6+7+8+9: SWANNY!!!!!
by benjamin ruth josiah May 24, 2008
Swanny, verb. To do a Swanny, To be almost downright amazing at everything. Completely and downright utter brilliancy. It may not be upon the first time of completion but eventually a Swanny can complete any task that is shown to him or her, with a full and excellent outcome.
A guy has never drove a racing car in his life then after one lap round a racetrack he becomes better than people who had races for a decade.

Wow you took to that like a pro. What a Swanny.
by Godtastic January 11, 2014
A guy who's interesting. He gets angry easily, falls in love too quickly and easily. He gets his heartbroken a lot because sometimes he goes blind. He's nice, to a certain point. He's smart. He's kinda wierd. He can sing, and play guitar. Sometimes he thinks he has a little more swag than he really does. He's beautiful. And I really hope he sees this oneday and smiles. or gets mad. or just reads it and knows that someone was thinking of him.
He's kinda confusing, must be a swanny.
by some girl thinking of swanny September 21, 2011
a swanny is a shithole - a place where average lads with average bant live.
Boy 1: shall we go to the swanny?

Boy 2: no way, that place is wank. full of shitlads.
by theblid December 30, 2010
1. The act of being beautiful, intelligent and witty. 2. A predispostion to having a short haircut. 3. One who enjoys very rough, volatile sex...including swallowing every time (and believing it's completely normal).
That girl you're seeing is such a Swanny...I heard she spent last night eating dates, drinking Cabernet and listening to Bjork.
by MakeFucker July 03, 2010
When a female is working out in the gym and is found to have a sweaty fanny, this is shortened to swanny or swadge (a combination of "sweaty" and "fadge").
Girl #1: Did you enjoy that workout?

Girl #2: Yeah, but I've got a bit of a swanny going!


Girl #1: Did you enjoy that workout?

Girl #2: Yeah, but fuck me, look at my swadge!
by Desaillez May 20, 2009
A secret word used for an exceptionally good-looking female so as to inform other people without letting the woman know.
'swanny in the booze aisle'
by Crawford Anderson March 10, 2008

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