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WFB means - What a Fucking Blog
After you read a blog then you will yell out loud "What the Fuck?".
Hey Ben I read my boss's blog. He fucked our secretary last night. Check it out man.. WFB
by frankster December 22, 2006
WFB - Working From Boat - The act of being on a boat and working instead of in a standard office or cubical.
Today was such a nice day, I decided to WFB.
by tznnmp June 11, 2010
Working from Bed
Sure she said she's working from home, but really you know she's bundled up, bummin it and WFB with Netflix on in the background.
by mewoww August 18, 2014
Well-Fucked Bitch. This is actually an outlandish female hairstyle. The gist of this is that you see a woman in a coffee shop easting breakfast in an evening dress, usually in a morning-after scenario and her hair is just all wild and out of control.

Some women will intentionally style their hair "well-fucked bitch".
Oh my, there goes another WFB.
by Oregontrials September 25, 2010
Way Fucking Bright (noun). When looking through your transcript, college advisors would give an amazingly all-around intelligent person this title. pronounced "wf ba"
"She can sing, act, she gets great grades, and she's street smart" - guy
"Wow, sounds like you snatched a wfb!" - other guy
by socalledwfb October 19, 2009
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