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4 definitions by tznnmp

Should Be All Set...
The server crashed an hour ago and SBAS now.
by tznnmp May 08, 2010
21 1
WFB - Working From Boat - The act of being on a boat and working instead of in a standard office or cubical.
Today was such a nice day, I decided to WFB.
by tznnmp June 11, 2010
15 5
god dam it so much
cartman inspired...when GDI doesn't express your feelings, add the SM.

GDISM, what the hell happend to the stock market?
by tznnmp August 09, 2011
3 0
Beer, Boats and Boobs
So hey, looking forward to the BBB at jobbie nooner.

We need some more beer for the BBB today.
by tznnmp August 11, 2010
1 20