When someone is 'Merked' 'bullied' 'Terrored' and most of all 'Wounded' you make a gun with your fingers and point straight up to the sky from down at your side in a somewhat swinging motion and proceed to shout (pronounciation) WEEEEEEEEEEH !!!!
drops a tenner in a puddel ..... (mates goes) "WEUUUUUUUUU!!!!!
by menzies92 June 15, 2010
What Ever You Say....
Sure, weus
by Mr.Philemon April 20, 2011
A particularly smelly individual. Usually accompanied by a festering ginger sidekick.
That stinks like Weu
by Naughts April 17, 2007
internet slang for Whats Eating You
"omg i am soooo stressed outt!!"
by Jayem Pea January 22, 2008

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