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Stands for Wintereenmas:

Winter-een-mas is a holiday of sorts. More specifically, it is a celebration of video games and the people that play them.
<Draco>:Let's go to Maic house to celebrate WEMas!!!!!
by Cuatrota January 21, 2005
A girl of pure perfection. She is very smart and pays attention. She is always willing to listen to others problems without pouring her own problems in. She is beautiful, witty, shy, and wonderful. She knows her place and is never sticking her nose in places she shouldn't. She's warm, great with advice, has a great fashion sense, loves reading, and can sometimes be hyper and energetic! She usually keeps to herself and a small knit group of friends or just one friend in particular.
"That girl is simply amazing!" "Really? What's her name?" "She's Wema, obviously."
by someonewholoveswema<3 September 16, 2013