W.C. is a rapper and member of the WestSide Connection,

Other than recording a crappy catch phrase and playing it a thousand times to an annoying beat he rhymes, Like most rappers should,

Like many other great rap artists he never really got much recognition it would seem,

Before forming Westside Connection with Cube and Mack 10, WC rose through the ranks as lead lyricist for groups Low Profile and Maad Circle. After the success of Westside, WC also released a pair of solo albums, The Shadiest One and Ghetto Heisman.

Obviously no stranger to successful collaborative efforts, WC has also worked with the likes of Coolio and Mariah Carey, and contributed to the Gang Related Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
You want an example of W.C.? Look at any real Hip-Hop artist.
by BID DADDY DOUGH July 15, 2006
Top Definition
Water closet, shitter
Where's the WC? I need to take a dump.
by Chad December 27, 2003
Wrong Conversation.
Commonly used in IM programs when someone has (surprise, surprise) sent somebody something which was intended for someone else.
Person One: Hey
Person Two: WTF, PISS OFF!!!!1
Person One: Whaa?
Person Two: Oops so sorry - WC.
by Dackstar January 24, 2008
a rapper from the West Coast, known mostly for his association with Ice Cube and being a member of The Westside Conection, along with Cube and Mack 10.

He's got a crazy ass beard which is all twisted and knotted and shit. He has a deep voice but can rap pretty fast, when he wants to. One of my top ten favorite rappers.

In the late 80's and 90's, he was a mover and shaker in the west coast hiphop scene and put out a fuckin raw album in the 90's called Curb Servin. It was straight up G-funk, and it was tight.
"I met this motherfucker named the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Yeah this nigga was funny I must admit it
but his Uncle and his cousin Carlton was straight bitches
Them niggaz was cock blockin, talkin bout killin me
cause I told em I wanted to fuck the shit out of Hillary, ooh"
- 'Put on the Set', by WC.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
Wrong Chat

Commonly used in IM programs when someone has sent somebody something which was intended for someone else.
-> sorry, w.c.
by naeeon July 10, 2008
- World Cup (Soccer)
- Warcraft (Game)
- Wrong Chat
- Water Closet.
1) The next WC will be held in South Africa.
2) WC is a great game, you can't deny it.
3) - Lila: Sup John.

- Toilette: Who are you?

- Lila: sorry WC.
4) I NEED TO PEE!! Where is the nearest WC??
by Bisu May 15, 2009
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