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A highly flexible term commonly used by the English.

1. something rubbish
2. a falsehood or series of lies
3. something great
4. the best possible
5. testicles
6. exclamation on making a error.
1. That Mel Gibson movie was a load of bollocks.
2. That Tony Blair is talking bollocks.
3. That curry was the bollocks!
4. That your wife is the dog's bollocks when it comes to cooking!
5. Then she kicked him in the bollocks.
6. Bollocks!
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003
Water Colset, Toilet, Loo, John, Can
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003
Large, nocturnal creature with ginger fur. Has irrational hatreds of certain colours, and has the delusion that Batman is not homosexual.
The Marment looked at him in fear and suprise
by Bagpuss August 29, 2003
n. Someone who due to finacial or physical disability is less fortunate that yourself. A cripple or hobo for example.
Pity the unfortunates.
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003
One who is far too attached to small black and white animals for most people's comfort
Don't go near him, he looks a bit like a Vickers Child
by Bagpuss August 29, 2003
Scouse term for McDonald's Hamburger establishment. Also Macii D's.
You coming to Macii D's for lunch?
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003
1. A fit bird from an Irish pop group.
2. The ugly bloke from the same group.
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003

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