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A legendary West Coast rapper who lead the group Cypress Hill. He is one of the few famous latin american rappers around today, although recently he hasn;t done much.

His flow is very nasally, with a rambling but on tempo speed. Either you like him or you hate him, he's something of an aquired taste.
B-real has been around MUCH longer than snoop dogg's 'Vato'....idiot.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
a rapper from the West Coast, known mostly for his association with Ice Cube and being a member of The Westside Conection, along with Cube and Mack 10.

He's got a crazy ass beard which is all twisted and knotted and shit. He has a deep voice but can rap pretty fast, when he wants to. One of my top ten favorite rappers.

In the late 80's and 90's, he was a mover and shaker in the west coast hiphop scene and put out a fuckin raw album in the 90's called Curb Servin. It was straight up G-funk, and it was tight.
"I met this motherfucker named the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Yeah this nigga was funny I must admit it
but his Uncle and his cousin Carlton was straight bitches
Them niggaz was cock blockin, talkin bout killin me
cause I told em I wanted to fuck the shit out of Hillary, ooh"
- 'Put on the Set', by WC.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
1.The act of being soft and comfortable, usually pertaining to the bottucks of a female, but is not restricted to females.

2.What a nice bottom should feel like. Usually this term is said when referencing a woman's bottom is in jeans.
1. Damn, Gina got a nice ass. Her shit is kooshie

2. Damn Gina, yo ass is kooshie. Lemme palm that shit a few mo times.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
someone who has sex with more than one person, someone who cheats on their spouse, a player.
Bob isn't liked by many women because he is so permiscuous.

The song Permiscous girl is hinting that Nelly Furtado gets around a lot, as does Timbaland.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006

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