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WBH- We Be High.

Derived from internet slang HMU (Hit Me Up). Used mainly on social networks and text messaging.
Mark: Dude what are you guys doing?

John: Man, WBH..

Mark: What's that?

John: Nigga We Be High!

Social Networks

Yo hit us up, WBH.
by SmokerMeaux January 24, 2011
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"Wanna Be Hipster"
A person who likes "hipster" things but only because they are known as such. Tries to hard to get a look that's not trying at all. Enjoys things such as Starbucks, thick square frame glasses, Instagram, woolen scarves, and Toms.
I know a W.B.H. who just heard about the Starbucks Keurig combination.

Look at that girl in the "vintage" clothing wearing Toms. What a W.B.H.
by cookiedoughdippindots October 19, 2012
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