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(aka Washington and Huron) New, cool student apartments for U of M in 2015.
I can't wait to move into WAHU with my friends!
by sororitygrl143 June 04, 2014
We All Hate You
WAHU can be an annoying ass dumb bitch, that tries to sleep with everyone, and no-one likes because of it. A stupid cunt that bangs on ones door to try and sleep with them at 8 in the morning.

"Hey WAHU!"

The classic facebook WAHU defriend, where you write WAHU on their wall and then defriend them.
by everyone@odu February 28, 2009
a)A noise that you make when there is an awkward silence and someone barks in the background.

b)A noise you make when you are bored or yeah some stupid shit.
bloke: what you doin' tomorrow man?
*awkward silence*
*man barks in background*
other bloke: WAHU!!!
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