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(aka Washington and Huron) New, cool student apartments for U of M in 2015.
I can't wait to move into WAHU with my friends!
by sororitygrl143 June 04, 2014
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We All Hate You
WAHU can be an annoying ass dumb bitch, that tries to sleep with everyone, and no-one likes because of it. A stupid cunt that bangs on ones door to try and sleep with them at 8 in the morning.

"Hey WAHU!"

The classic facebook WAHU defriend, where you write WAHU on their wall and then defriend them.
by everyone@odu February 28, 2009
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a)A noise that you make when there is an awkward silence and someone barks in the background.

b)A noise you make when you are bored or yeah some stupid shit.
bloke: what you doin' tomorrow man?
*awkward silence*
*man barks in background*
other bloke: WAHU!!!
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