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A county on the west coast of Ireland. Considered by many to be the best county in Ireland,it has spawned some of the best and brightest people in the country like opposition party leader Enda Kenny,or famous radio DJ Ray Foley.
It is also far superior to most other counties in Ireland such as Leitrim,Roscommon,Tipperary,Kerry,Sligo and many,many others. Being one of the most beautiful places also,it has huge amounts of Americans who are "trying to find their long lost cousins" which the locals have learned to put up with.....
American: Excuse me,do you know Seamus O Day from County Mayo?

Local1: No I Know a Seamus O DEA though.....

American: Oh I see,where can I find him?

Local1: Ah jesus its easy... Right,what you'd want to be doin' is headin down out past Ballyspuds,then carry on out as far as Ballycabbage,take a right if you see a cow with three legs you've gone to far......there should be a house on the left....

American: And is that Seamus O Day?

Local1: No,but its a fella who might know where to find him..

American: Ok thank you sir.....

Local1: No bother good luck....

Local2: Who were they lookin' fer?

Local1: Not a fukin' clue.....
by meatndtwoveg45 July 10, 2009
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