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Used to describe something that is better in every way than its counterpart but is not very well known.
red pandas are the prime example
by dr. man555 November 07, 2010
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Also known as Asian Flush, Asian Blush, Asian Sensation, Asian Explosion, it's the condition almost 50% of Asian people suffer from due to inability to process alcohol, in which their face becomes bright red, their heartbeat increases rapidly, and they start making homosexual advances on people they know (and sometimes strangers).
"Did you see Cameron? One drink and...Red Panda."
by Will-i-was October 10, 2007
A type of bet made for the exchange of oral sex the bet winner has the ability to use this red panda at any moment anytime and the loser must perform immediately. no questions asked. before agreeing to this bet all parties understand that the rules of this bet cannot be alterred.
During a heated argument about wildlife the 2 people were so sure of themselves, 100 percent sure, that they made a red panda bet. it is said after years its still owned by the winner and is waiting for the perfect moment.
by lowflyingmighty December 06, 2013
A Red Panda is the name of a sex move in which you have sex with an asian chick on her period. Right as you are about to cum you pull out and hit her in the eyes (giving her the telltale rings around the eyes that pandas have). She must be asian, because like her, pandas are from the orient. All though the proper way to perform this is while the female is on her period it can still occur while she is not ovulating.
I totally gave this chick a Red Panda last night.

I'm gonna Red Panda yo ass.
by the nay train December 08, 2013
Any player in the game of WoW who is an anti-semite.
Don't be such a redpanda, the holocaust was real.
by ash0ka March 08, 2009
A dong, plain and simple.
Guy 1: Why are you icing your crotch?

Guy 2: Cuz I fell and hurt my red panda.
by CostaRica7 January 28, 2012
Something that is not reaching the coolness level of its next readily available equivalent. Much as the Red Panda will never possibly be able to compete with the Giant Panda. For, as we all know, the Giant Panda is one of the world's most epic animals. Can also be used to describe anything lame.
"standard def TV is so Red Panda bro".

"tonight was gonna be awesome...but it went all red panda"
"not cool man, that was so red panda"
by NjBerserker March 08, 2010
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