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A term of excitement, approval or ending any common sentences coined by one Jesse Stephenson.
Got my tickets to NKOTBSB. WABAM!!!!
I'm going to bed. WABAM!
by NKOTBSB October 23, 2011
Adv. An onomatopoeia associated with pulling one's penis out in an inappropriate situation.
"They were making out in the stair-well when all of a sudden he just whipped it out, 'Wabam'."
by S_KZ September 26, 2006
An exclamation for when you are really happy, see something super cute, beat someone in a competition, or just feel like saying it!
Oh man I just beat you at chess ... WA BAM!
by Cabistina February 19, 2008
A very hilarious sound Jared Joesph makes. To make people smile :] A word made up by Megan Ashley :P
Jared goes WABAM!
by meganashley717 May 04, 2011
In yo face!
You like my new vans??? WaBAM!!
by Samples April 13, 2009
Pronounced (Wa Bay am)

A term used by common folk during a time of arousal (excitement)...The ogre like creatures who used this term during the late 1800s have lost partial mobility in their legs, due to the injuring of men who say pantchs. They also have no concept of common English, and often use verbs improperly such as in the sentence " he ated my food"

**This word cannot be added into any sentence, it must be used on its own"

by greased up deaf guy January 15, 2007
A girl with a really skinny waist and a huge ass........WABAM!
A nice skinny girl....and then WABAM!
by danielle horp November 30, 2006

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