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The 'nick-name' of the toilets used in Star Trek. They earned the name due to the sound made when the turd hit the vaporizing force-field.
Cap'n: "Ensign, why is number two still in the lavatory?"

Ensign: "Primary and secondary systems are down captain!"

Cap'n: "Re-route the heisenberg compensator through the ventral port of the secondary node at junction zero-three. If we can't vump it out we'll beam it!
by Spaghett! September 30, 2009
A combination of the words vote and bump used on fan forums to bring a thread pertaining to voting for a particular thing (i.e., favorite tv show, actor, book etc...) on an Internet poll, to the top of the page.
We need more votes in this poll to get us into the #1 position, so I'm vumping this tread.
by Stephen Fletcher August 15, 2007
a derivative of the ever popular word vumplers.
wtf did you just say you random fag?
vumps, motherfucker. vumps.
by dcouch April 11, 2003
Interchangeable with "gunt." It is a bump of vagina fat.
"Woah, look at that chick's vump!"
"Do these pants highlight my vump?"
by HLD December 16, 2005
A vump is a small, translucent animal part used as a filler for many food products that are low in fat yet satisfying. Most often found in hot dogs and meat stick products.
Some hot dogs are 99.9% meat and meat by products, 0.1% vump filler and rodent droppings.
by Wiener Snitzel April 24, 2003
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