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something totally awesome.
"Thats so vook!"
by Agent Vook November 21, 2010
6 3
vook means to lynch means to hang. It is the lesser known of the three words but could replace the other three words in any context.
"hey lets go vook some ninjas"
"gee sounds like a good time ill join in on the lynching experience"
by vook man 50k October 22, 2012
2 2
crazy inbreeds that kill and molest(hills have eyes people)
dude this darkness is making me think im gonna get vooked.
by gunther6969 September 28, 2007
9 12
like gook, but for vietnamese people; a vietnamese gook.
go back to vietnam u fucking vook!
by superfatchunk October 25, 2007
7 12
crazy inbreeds that rape and kill people
the hills have eyes people are vooks when you are attacked you are vooked
by tanner runions September 25, 2007
4 13