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1. A violent act of throwing up.

2. Insane crazy projectile vomiting.

3. Sometimes a group of people throwing up, kind of like a chain reaction.
Don't whack down a bottle of Jager before you leave the house. You are asking for Vomulence.

When I was 15, I drank two 22oz. Zimas and ate 2 packs of yodels. I then walked into my friends bathroom and it was just Vomulence fron ceiling to floor. Black vomit everywhere.

That dude just ate 50 hot wings, drank 3 pitchers of beer, and smoked a joint. I am waiting for the Vomulence to ensue.
#throw up #vomit #puke #chuck #ralph #projectile vomiting
by DONALD GEORGE January 03, 2008
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