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voluMptuous (please note the 'm')

Unlike a voluptuous chick's body which can be somewhat hot in a curvy and feminine way, the volumptuous chick is just fat and lumpy.
-She was pretty hot, in a voluptuous sort of way.
-More like voluMptuous, that girl was a fatass.
#fatass #fugly #fattie #fat #fat chick
by JPatt March 17, 2006
A voluptuous person with a little more to them. As in voluptuos and sumptuous.
The lavish man was so volumptuous!
#voluptuous #sumtuous #fabulous #fantabulous #delicious #scrumptious.
by Butt_Monkey2009 January 09, 2009
A mixture between voluminous and voluptuous.
that chick's hair is volumptuous.
#voluminous #volumptuous #sexy #hair #is sexy
by CupcakeDemon July 12, 2011
an extremely fat woman with cottage cheese hindquarters. Usually spotted wearing too-tight leggings and a 5XL tweety bird t-shirt.
I was walking at the store the other night and i nearly got caught in between a volumptuous woman's asscheeks because she was bent over and i wasn't watching where i was going.
#voluptuous #fatty #cottage cheese #cellulite #buttcheeks
by hails4rails January 01, 2009
Deceptive term used in personals by females, usually meaning "FAT".
Volumptuous vixen seeking SBM.
by at July 23, 2004
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