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A Volmar is the one of the funniest most energetic people you'll ever meet. They're prone to being short, and full of attitude when necessary. They're usually Haitian with really strict parents (because they're Haitian). Boy or girl they're usually pretty attractive. They're also really great cuddlers. If you there's one in your area you should get to know that motherfucker. (Seriously they might fuck your mom, be cautious.)
Guy 1 to Guy 2: Wow, that motherfucker was so energetic, full of attitude, and funny.

Guy 2: Well, must've been a Volmar, those short, attractive, cuddling motherfuckers.
#volmar #attractive #short #cuddlers #attitude #energetic #motherfuckers #funny
by TheVolmz May 10, 2014
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