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Armenian for ass/butt.
Damn do my Diesel's make my vor look good!
by Voruhs luhzeh January 13, 2005
VoR stands for "Victim of Recession". Along the same lines as "fml", this is an internet suffix used at the end of a statement describing a result of the recession, unemployment, poverty, etc. This can also be used facetiously.
I'm selling my car so that I can make rent this month. #VoR
by Unemployed Guy February 19, 2010
Very High Frequency

a radio-navigation system that consists of ground stations transmitting continous signals within the frequency range of 108.0 to 117.95 MHz. mode of modulation is CW or AM.

The VOR system is used by both civilian and miltary aircraft in conjuction with the GPS and ADF (also known as NDB) radionavagtion systems. The receiver in the aircraft determines the bearing of the station in relation to the direction the aircraft is going. This information is used by the pilot to navagate the aircraft. The VOR system is used worldwide and is less suspectable to the magnetic interferance that the ADF/DME and LORAN systems are.
"Roger, Cessna Five Five Tango, Dulles VOR is on 114.3, advise control you have entered class B airspace."

by IrishRepublicanArmy October 15, 2003
Violent On Rum

The condition that results from the copious and irresponsible consuption of dark rum (particularly the Australian one with the polar bear). Common side effects include violence, foul language, loss of physical coordination and sudden, unexpected regurgitation.
When VORed, perfectly normal people can suddenly become physically and verbally abusive, and will tend to speak at twice their usual volume with half the clarity. They will attack their best friends and smash anything within their grasp. Keep clear of their wrath and you will be in for an amusing evening.

NB. The term "VOR" can be used as an adjective, a verb, or a noun.
Did you VOR on the weekend?
Are we VORing tonight?
I've got a bottle of VOR.
Yeah, I broke it when I was VOR.
WYA noob, are you VOR?
by VORed September 24, 2006
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