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It me the person who wrote this .. I'm a virgin slut, ill do everything besides fuck you .. ohh wait I do that, but not in the sexual manner hahaha
That girls like the biggest whore, but she doesn't fuck.... dude she's a vlut.
Dude Ashley is quite the vlut.
Church going vluts.
by ashley ardis September 11, 2011
The combination of virgin and slut; A person that is thirsty but can't get some.
She is always hanging around other guys, but no one wants her. She's such a vlut.
by ilikeyoface October 25, 2013
A virgin that acts like a slut.
Man, she has never been penetrated but she's already sucking the dick of the President's wife, she's a real vlut !
by LumpyHell January 26, 2015
a virgin slut, or a person who acts like a slut even though they've never had sex before.
me: God look at her. Shes such a slut i swear..
person: Shes a virgin...
me: fine a vlut then.
by ShxttyAf March 28, 2015
A vlut is the mix between the words 'virgin' and 'slut'. Common uses are for girls who have never had sex, but have pretty much done everything else.

Also used for those who do smutty, online role play.
Girl 1: Omg ugh, I hate her.
Girl 2: Who?
Girl 1: That girl!
Girl 2: Oh, she's such a vlut.
Girl 1: What's a vlut?
Girl 2: A slut, but like, she's still a virgin.
Girl 1: Ohhhhh...
by Veronica Wolf March 28, 2015
A Vlut stands for Vampire-Slut.
1)It usually refers to a girl, who is either truly ugly, and looks like a Vampire, but she thinks she is pretty so she dresses like a Slut.

2)Someone who looks good, but has an evil heart, and is known to back stab or talk behind someones back, and they dress like a slut\hooker.
Random person: I would feel bad for that girl, cuz she's ugly but damnnnn she's a bitch. Vlut pls.

Dude1: Damn, that girl is hot.
Dude2: Wtf? she's the wicked witch irl.
Dude1: Damn, so she's a vlut?
Dude2: ya.
by Emoisacrockbitch September 16, 2008
1. A virgin slut

2. A virgin who pretends to be a slut
"Stop trying to be a slut because you're just a vlut"
by dragmedown December 19, 2015

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