A person that fails at complimenting higher-ranked individuals in an attempt to recieve a promotion. A Vishal also describes a person who degrades other individuals behind their backs in an attempt to impress the higher-ranked personnel.

Vishall(ed/ing) - When an employee/associate attempts to "suck up" but instead annoys the higher-rank.
"Stop being a vishal and do some work"

"John has been vishalling me all day and its pissing me off"
by Iamjob21 May 19, 2010
Mythologically the creator of HIV. It is said that long ago, a character named 'Vishal' has sex with a monkey of some sort, and spawned HIV.
Guy 1: I think I might have HIV!
Guy 2: Blame Vishal...
by Hassan11 June 29, 2009
a young indian rapist that looks like a cross between a thorn bush and a spider, who spends most of his time staring at young girls and trying to live up to the reputation of his father, a german porn king.
vishals are reconisable by their HUGE foreheads and abilty to take full on kicks to the testicles.
person 1 : hey who's that guy staring at primary school girls and massaging his thigh?
person 2 : thats vishal
by LGS kidd January 30, 2008

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