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virgile, is a upcoming swear word and means to be "dick-less" and or to have had your penis cut off in a effort to become a woman
boy 1: "Oh he's so mental, he's annoys me so much!"
boy 2: "I know, he's such a virgile"
by Anonymousworldwide October 29, 2013
A virgile mainly means 3 things(in order of usage):

1. To no longer have a penis
2. Crazy/mental because one would cut off there own penis
3. To have a very small/"micro-penis"
1."Why did you dump him last night?"
"Because he was a virgile"
2."Why did he go into that mental home?'
"Because he virgile'd"
3."How small was it?"
"He has a virgile"
by madhatter&vforvendetta October 29, 2013
Means without a penis
Girl 1 : Did you take it to the next level with him?
Girl 2 : No... He was a Virgile
by Smirffnarff June 12, 2010
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